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Nextcloud CheckMK Special Agent

Monitors various aspects of Nextcloud instances like state, quota and disk usage of all users, number of apps with available updates, database php opcache hit rate and so on. Gives additional information regarding versions of Nextcloud, database, number of storages and active users etc. Tested with Nextcloud 25/26/27. Tested only with MySQL/MariaDB as database backend. Feel free to report other working environments.

Version History:

Date Version Changes
2023/11/26 2.3.4 Fixed agent crash if opcache_get_status is disabled by server settings
2023/08/16 2.3.3 Fixed some misleading info strings regarding database opcache
2023/08/12 2.3.2 MKP now compatible with CheckMK 2.2
2023/03/27 2.3.1 Fixed bugs in parameter handling
2023/03/23 2.2.1 Adjusted parameter handling
Added check for "free space on disk" (incl. adjustable levels)
Added adjustable levels for "number of files"
2023/03/11 2.2.0 Upload initial public release

Example how the checks look like:

Nextcloud Checks

Example of the details of the info check:

Nextcloud Info Details